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Generic Name: metoclopramide (MET oh KLOE pra mide)

Brand Names: Metozolv ODT, Reglan


Where to buy Metoclopramide online?

Product Description

Metoclopramide is a prescription drug treatment and it can be found in tablet form, disintegrating tablet form and as a solution you would ingest through the mouth. You can also find it in intravenous and intramuscular forms, which you’d only be able to access through a healthcare provider.

The brand names for Metoclopramide are Reglan and Metozolv ODT. The medicational treatment is also available in generic form.

Metoclopramide can be used in combination with therapy as well. What this means is you might have to ingest it with other drugs in order to treat your condition.

This drug is used in order to help treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) that brings about symptoms. GERD happens when acid flows up from the stomach. This leads to heartburn problems. It can also cause problems for the esophagus (the tube that joins together the mouth and stomach. This treatment is used in order to offer relief from heartburn and it can help heal sores in the esophagus when other forms of treatment have been unsuccessful.

What are some of the common potential side affects you might be at risk for if you decide to use this medicational treatment?

bullet_green_small3 Headache
bullet_green_small3 Confusion
bullet_green_small3 Trouble sleeping
bullet_green_small3 Dizziness
bullet_green_small3 Restlessness
bullet_green_small3 Sleepiness
bullet_green_small3 Exhaustion

What are some of the more serious potential side affects you might be at risk for if you use this medicational treatment?

bullet_green_small3 Uncontrollable movements.
bullet_green_small3 Lip smacking, chewing, or puckering of your mouth
bullet_green_small3 Frowning
bullet_green_small3 Sticking your tongue out
bullet_green_small3 Blinking and moving your eyes
bullet_green_small3 Shaking your arms and legs
bullet_green_small3 Uncontrolled spasms of your face, neck, body, arms, or legs.
bullet_green_small3 Abnormal movements
bullet_green_small3 Unusual body positions
bullet_green_small3 Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (nervous system disorder).
bullet_green_small3 Allergic reactions
bullet_green_small3 Hallucinations

What happens if you get to a point where you feel like you don’t need to use this medication anymore? Do you just stop taking it?

When you use any medication that was given to you in order to help deal with a serious condition, then the last thing you want to do is just stop taking it. When you just stop taking a medication you can actually put yourself at high risk for other problems. You never can be sure if the reason why your condition has improved the way it has is solely because of the medicational treatment.

Simply stopping should be something you do only when or if you experience serious side effects. These would be side effects that are so severe to the point of being life threatening or at least making the medication not worth taking. The best way to go about stopping the use of any medication would be to speak to a doctor first, in person. Ask them to perform the needed tests in order to make sure your condition has truly improved and won’t come back.

Make sure you know what you need to do in order to ensure this is the case or to at least create the highest probability it won’t. In a lot of situations the best course of action (to be on the safe side at least) would be to keep taking the medication, simply in lower dosages or lower frequency (under the direction of a doctor of course).

Metoclopramide is a serious medication, so its use has to be taken seriously along with the discontinuation of use. If you were in a situation where you couldn’t get a hold of a doctor fast enough then the safest course of action is to continue use until you were able to see one.

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