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Mestinon (Pyridostigmine)

Generic Name: pyridostigmine (py rid o STIG meen)

Brand Names: Mestinon, Mestinon Timespan


Where to buy Mestinon online?


Finding an efficient way to improve muscle strength for patients suffering from muscle diseases, such as myasthenia gravis can be quite difficult, yet the producers of Mestinon have managed to find an innovative way of doing so. To put things better into perspective, the drug works by preventing the breakdown of natural substances in the bodies of the patients.

In return, this alleviates the symptoms associated with the muscle disease, by increasing strength, and also reducing the amount of pain that patients tend to experience.

What should patients know prior to taking this medicine?

Prior to taking Mestinon, it is important to be consulted by a doctor. This will help ensure that you are fit for the treatment, and won’t experience severe side effects later down the road. With this in mind, during your consultation, make sure to inform your healthcare provider on whether you suffer from any other health conditions, allergies or are undergoing treatment based on other medicines.

Do keep in mind the fact that it may take a while longer for the full effects of the medicine to be felt. Do not attempt to take higher dosages in order to make things quicker, as this can lead to both side effects, but also less muscle strength, as the chemicals in your body mix up.

How should patients go about taking Mestinon?

Due to the state of the medicine, it is important to avoid changing up the dosages, or taking the med for longer or shorter periods of time than initially prescribed. This is why patients should strictly follow the prescription given by their doctor.

In terms of administering the medicine, it should be taken by mouth, with a full glass of water, either with or without food. In case you are using the liquid form, then make sure to carefully measure the dose that you are taking, by using a special measuring device. Household spoons are not recommended, as there are high chances to not get the correct dosage. Usually, the medicine is administered once or twice daily, yet it depends on the medical condition that you are suffering from and your body type.

In case you have missed a dose, simply take it once you remember. If it is almost time for your next scheduled dose, then skip the missed one and take the next dose instead. Do not, under any circumstances, take more medicine to make up for the doses that you have missed.

What side effects should patients expect while taking this medicine?

Some of the most common side effects that Mestinon is associated with include headaches, nausea, irritation, skin rashes and dizziness. In case you have overdosed, or are feeling worse side effects, then make sure to seek emergency medical attention.

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