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Generic Name: aspirin and caffeine (ASP rin and KAF een)

Brand Names: Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief, Anacin, Bayer Back & Body, BC Arthritis, Cope, P-A-C Analgesic, Stanback


Where to buy Anacin online?

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Product Description

Anacin is a drug that’s a combination of two different ingredients. These ingredients would be aspirin as well as caffeine. These two individual ingredients are different to each other because one of them is a form of a salicylate and the other is a form of stimulant.

How does this medicational treatment work to do what it does?

The way Anacin works is it’s able to lower certain substances inside the body that are responsible for causing pain, fever, and inflammation. The reason why caffeine is used inside of this drug is because it helps in order to enhance the pain relieving effects that aspirin provide.

What is Anacin used for mainly? Is there just one main use or are there an assortment of different uses?

The main purpose of this medicational treatment is to offer relief for problems such as headaches, but it can be used to offer relief for a number of different pain problems. These pain problems would include muscle pain, minor arthritis pain, and fever and body aches brought on because of the common cold.

The treatment can also be used in some instances to help people prevent heart attacks, strokes as well as chest pain problems (angina). In the case of being used to treat cardiovascular conditions the drug should only be used under the careful supervision of a doctor.

What are some important facts you need to keep in mind when using Anacin?

Use of Anacin has the possibility of causing certain problems. For instance, this treatment can lead to stomach or intestinal bleeding. Either one of these has the potential to be fatal. There’s also the chance of experiencing allergic reactions. You should be sure to get medical attention if you experience problems such as hives, wheezing, swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat.

It’s best to not use this treatment if you have a serious bleeding disorder like hemophilia. Make sure to not let this medication fall into the hands of a child or teenagers who have a fever, flu like symptoms or chicken pox. Use of this drug can lead to a condition called Reye’s syndrome, which can be serious and in some cases fatal with children.

What’s the best way to take this medicational treatment in order to ensure you keep the possibility of potential side effects to a minimum?

In order to keep side effect possibilities to a minimum, then it’s best for you to use the drug exactly as told on the label or as a doctor would prescribe to you. Make sure you don’t use this treatment in bigger or smaller levels or for longer than what you need to.

If you have to use Anacin or decide to use it, then what are some of the potential side effects you might be at risk for as a result?

bullet_green_small3 Ringing in your ears, confusion, hallucinations, rapid breathing, seizure (convulsions)
bullet_green_small3 Severe nausea
bullet_green_small3 Vomiting
bullet_green_small3 Stomach pain
bullet_green_small3 Bloody or tarry stools, coughing up blood or vomit that looks like coffee grounds
bullet_green_small3 Fever lasting longer than 3 days
bullet_green_small3 Swelling, or pain lasting longer than 10 days
bullet_green_small3 Upset stomach
bullet_green_small3 Heartburn
bullet_green_small3 Drowsiness
bullet_green_small3 Mild headache

For a more complete list of side effects, get in touch with a doctor who can provide you with a booklet of complete information you can review. In some cases if not most you should be able to get this from a pharmacist as well.

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