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Amaryl (Glimepiride)

Generic Name: glimepiride (glye MEP ir ide)

Brand Names: Amaryl


Where to buy Amaryl online?

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The generic name for the drug Amaryl is Glimepiride. It’s used in order to help treat people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. The medication is a part of a class of drugs called sulfonylureas. The way these work is they help stimulate the pancreas in order to make insulin and also helps the body to make use of insulin better. Amaryl can help lower the possibility of a person getting certain life threatening complications from having type 2 diabetes. You can get it in tablet form and it typically has to be taken one time per day. It can be used by itself or with other treatments. If you get it, a doctor will likely decide to give you a low dose at first and then steadily increase the dose if they decide this is needed.

If you decide to take Amaryl, then what are some of the possible side effects you can have as a result?

bullet_green_small3 Allergic reactions-Look for hives, a hard time breathing, swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat.
bullet_green_small3 Severe skin rash, itching, redness, or irritation
bullet_green_small3 Pale skin, easy bruising or bleeding, fever, unusual weakness
bullet_green_small3 Numbness or tingly feeling
bullet_green_small3 Trouble breathing
bullet_green_small3 Feeling like you might pass out
bullet_green_small3 Dark urine, clay-colored stools
bullet_green_small3 Upper stomach pain, low fever, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes)
bullet_green_small3 Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, feeling restless or irritable, confusion, hallucinations, muscle pain or weakness, and/or seizure

What are some of the less serious side effects you might face if you use this treatment?

bullet_green_small3 Dizziness, headache, tired feeling;
bullet_green_small3 Mild nausea
bullet_green_small3 Vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea
bullet_green_small3 Increased skin sensitivity to sunlight; or
bullet_green_small3 Mild itching or skin rash

How do you know if a medication such as Amaryl would be right for you?

Here are some basic questions you can ask yourself in order to give you an idea of whether or not this treatment might be right for you.

Have you use Amaryl in the past or a medication similar to it?

If you’ve used a medication that was similar to Amaryl in the past, then the main thing you need to focus on is whether or not it worked for you or not. Why did you stop using it or why did the doctor decide to take you off of it. If the doctor took you off of it because they felt like it wasn’t working, then chances are you’ll experience the same thing this time around. If the exact medication you took was Amaryl and it stopped working as well as it did in the beginning, then a long period away from it should restore it’s effectiveness.

These sorts of medications are often given to people who type 2 diabetes because they need help right away. These are people who would otherwise struggle in their daily life with the habits required to keep their blood sugar down. It’s easier and requires less effort to take a pill each day then it is to engage in healthier eating habits of partake in exercise. It’s going to be important to understand how your body will react to using treatment such as Amaryl.

Even if you don’t think you’ve used Amaryl, there’s a chance you used something similar so it’s going to be important to let your doctor know about this. All in all, if this treatment is something a doctor feels would work well for you then they’ll have no problem giving you the minimum dosage to start you off.

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