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Generic Name: orlistat (OR li stat)

Brand Names: alli, Xenical


Where to buy Alli online?


Alli is an FDA-approved weight loss drug sold over-the-counter.

How It Works

Alli is a weight loss aid that contains orlistat, a lipase inhibitor, as its active ingredient. As a lipase inhibitor, orlistat can block the enzymes that absorb dietary fat into the body. Therefore, it reduces the overall caloric intake.


Alli is used in combination with diet and exercise to reduce weight. The supplement will not reduce the amount of fat already absorbed into the body. If you are currently overweight or obese, you can use Alli with a healthy diet to reduce caloric intake or prevent regaining weight already lost.


Because Alli is an over-the-counter medication, there is no prescription dosage

Take Alli as instructed in the patient information leaflet provided with the packaging.

Alli is available in the oral capsule form. The capsules should be swallowed with some water. The recommended dosage of Alli is three capsules per day taken with each of the main meals. Alli can also be taken an hour after each meal.

When eating a meal that contains no fat, like a salad with no dressing, it’s all right to skip taking a capsule.

Do not take more than 3 capsules of Alli per day. Taking more than the instructed dosage could make gastrointestinal problems associated with the supplement worse.

Alli should be taken with a meal that contains only a small amount of fat. The manufacturer recommends that no more than 30 percent of the meal should contain fat.

It’s recommended to take daily multivitamins when taking Alli. The fat-blocking properties of orlistat also prevent the body from absorbing vitamins like A, D E, K, and beta carotene properly. Do not take the vitamins at the same time as Alli. It’s recommended to take the vitamin supplement at night before bed.

Users should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and worsening of gastrointestinal side effects.

Side Effects

Alli may cause the following side effects to occur:

bullet_green_small3 Loose, frequent stools
bullet_green_small3 Oily or fatty stools
bullet_green_small3 Difficulty controlling bowel movements
bullet_green_small3 Oily spotting on underpants
bullet_green_small3 Pain in the stomach or rectum
bullet_green_small3 Passing gas more often
bullet_green_small3 Urgent need to have a bowel movement
bullet_green_small3 Headaches
bullet_green_small3 Anxiety
bullet_green_small3 Changes to menstrual cycle in women

Do reduce the effects of bowel-related side effects, do not consume Alli with fatty foods. Meals that are very high in fat may worsen some of the above side effects.


Physical conditions that lead to weight gain are complicated. Fats may not be the only substance causing your weight gain. Therefore, taking a fat-blocking pill like Alli may not result in weight loss as intended.

Do not take Alli if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Alli is not recommended for people who have had an organ transplant, or are currently taking cyclosporine.


Learn to control your diet when taking Alli for the drug to be effective.
Regularly exercise to aid in your fat loss efforts.
Fat is not the only culprit in weight gain. Sugar in food, which Alli cannot block, should be controlled when following an Alli weight loss effort.

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