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Ambien CR Generic: Are You Putting Your Health At Risk When You Use It?

Taking Ambien CR in generic form is just the same as taking the real thing. You are going to get the same benefits as you would with the real thing, and also take the same risk. However, for some reason people think they are putting their health more at risk when they go the generic route.

How Ambien CR generic is tested

Any generic form of Ambien CR or any other prescription drug has to undergo a testing process. The testing they are put through are very rigorous in order to ensure safety. Once this has been done the U. S food and drug administration then looks at the tests to decide if the generics are as good as the name brand versions. After this has been done they will assign a rating. It is this rating that will determine just how quality the generic form is.

The ratings that are found

The first rating that a prescription drug can get would be an AB rating. Any drug that gets this rating has been found by the FDA to be equivalent to the name brand version. If you take a look at Ambien CR generic you will see that most of them have an AB rating. So you would not be putting your health at risk anymore then what you would be if you were using the real thing.

Different inactive ingredients

Your health might be somewhat at risk if you get generic Ambien CR that comes from another country and is not formulated in the U.S. One of the reasons for this is because even though generic medications must have the same active ingredients as the real thing, they can have inactive ingredients that the real thing might not have.

Some of these inactive ingredients might include fillers, dyes, and other ingredients that might react badly to people who have allergies and other sensitivities.

The best way to be safe

The best way for you to be safe with Ambien CR generic would be for you to take it moderately at first. Remember that this is meant to be a double dose of the effects you would get from regular Ambien.

With CR one dose is going to hit you in order to put you to sleep and then hours later another dose will hit you in order to ensure you stay asleep. In order to ensure you are safe make sure you are not on it for too long.

A lot of people get woken up after several hours of sleep with the regular form of Ambien. Generic CR Ambien is meant to keep you asleep and help you get over insomnia problems much quicker.

The fact of the matter is you are not putting your health at risk when you take Ambien CR in generic form; at least not anymore then you would if you were taking the real thing. The FDA has taken huge measures to make sure you are protected from any problems concerning generic drugs in all forms.